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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Spring Potluck Luncheon!


Please check your inbox for an EVITE invitation for our spring luncheon.  Let me know if you didn't get it or use this link:

Here is an email from Betsy that she wants me to share.  I would recommend using the EVITE to rsvp.  Be sure to comment with what you are bringing so we don't have too many duplicates!  :)

Pi Phi love,

     "Greetings !!  Piedmont Pi Phis !!!!   

           Wow !! Did everyone see our picture in the News & Record ??  Cute Line-up !!!!  
           And now we have a Spring Luncheon coming up Saturday, April 9th ...11am until 1:30 pm at Susan Preston's home !!  (  221 East Avondale Drive / Greensboro / 27403 )   We will be hosting our three new prospective members:  Dianne Cashion, Sigrid Couch, and Korey Hickling !! Hope they can all make it !!! And You'All , too !!

           It will be a Fun, casual affair--drop-in, or stay the entire time !!  Please RSVP to Betsy/ me ! And I am getting a few others to be RSVP receivers, too!!!  (Hopefully!)  

My home phone is :  288-6174 (an answering machine is on this phone!) and my e-mail is :


I will let you know if anyone else can take RSVP's for us!!      

          Please put this date on your calendars and join us for a Relaxing Spring Luncheon!!!     It is a Pot Luck..please sign up to bring a dish--salads, sandwiches, casseroles, desserts, sides dishes, whatever--as we will be hosting our prospects !!!

          One important note !!!  I will be away March 24th thru the 28th (over Easter week-end!)  So don't be worried if I don't get back to you during that period !!  I will catch up as soon as we return !!  (Hopefully!) And, by that time there should be other RSVP receivers to respond to !

           Thanks so Much for All you'all have done All Year !!!!   You're Angels, for sure !!!

           See you April 9th  Then May 5th, our "Bow and Arrow" Founders' Day celebration  will be our last official get-together for this year !!!  Wow!!   It's gone so Quickly !!!  This may 5thmeeting will be at my home (Betsy's)  :  4106 Westmount Drive / Greensboro / 27410.  We're looking forward to a Wonderful evening--also a Pot Luck...everyone , bring your favorite Spring dish !!!!  And RSVP also to me again...and I'll enlist a few others to help with  these RSVP's as well !!!!   

             With Pi Phi Love and Best Wishes,     Betsy"