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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Spring Potluck Luncheon!


Please check your inbox for an EVITE invitation for our spring luncheon.  Let me know if you didn't get it or use this link:

Here is an email from Betsy that she wants me to share.  I would recommend using the EVITE to rsvp.  Be sure to comment with what you are bringing so we don't have too many duplicates!  :)

Pi Phi love,

     "Greetings !!  Piedmont Pi Phis !!!!   

           Wow !! Did everyone see our picture in the News & Record ??  Cute Line-up !!!!  
           And now we have a Spring Luncheon coming up Saturday, April 9th ...11am until 1:30 pm at Susan Preston's home !!  (  221 East Avondale Drive / Greensboro / 27403 )   We will be hosting our three new prospective members:  Dianne Cashion, Sigrid Couch, and Korey Hickling !! Hope they can all make it !!! And You'All , too !!

           It will be a Fun, casual affair--drop-in, or stay the entire time !!  Please RSVP to Betsy/ me ! And I am getting a few others to be RSVP receivers, too!!!  (Hopefully!)  

My home phone is :  288-6174 (an answering machine is on this phone!) and my e-mail is :


I will let you know if anyone else can take RSVP's for us!!      

          Please put this date on your calendars and join us for a Relaxing Spring Luncheon!!!     It is a Pot Luck..please sign up to bring a dish--salads, sandwiches, casseroles, desserts, sides dishes, whatever--as we will be hosting our prospects !!!

          One important note !!!  I will be away March 24th thru the 28th (over Easter week-end!)  So don't be worried if I don't get back to you during that period !!  I will catch up as soon as we return !!  (Hopefully!) And, by that time there should be other RSVP receivers to respond to !

           Thanks so Much for All you'all have done All Year !!!!   You're Angels, for sure !!!

           See you April 9th  Then May 5th, our "Bow and Arrow" Founders' Day celebration  will be our last official get-together for this year !!!  Wow!!   It's gone so Quickly !!!  This may 5thmeeting will be at my home (Betsy's)  :  4106 Westmount Drive / Greensboro / 27410.  We're looking forward to a Wonderful evening--also a Pot Luck...everyone , bring your favorite Spring dish !!!!  And RSVP also to me again...and I'll enlist a few others to help with  these RSVP's as well !!!!   

             With Pi Phi Love and Best Wishes,     Betsy"

Monday, February 22, 2016

Reminder... See everyone TOMORROW at Bobbie West's home at 7pm for our Heritage Meeting!!

See the email from Betsy below for details on meeting at Betsy's to caravan to the meeting...  Also, if you can, bring a snack or drink to share!  :)
Greetings!!  Hope everyone is ready for our "Heritage" meeting / club mtg. This Tuesday , Feb. 23rd at Bobbie(West's) home!! 7 pm.
     Two items to remember, other than the fact that this is our last meeting before Dr. Seuss' Party--Friday, March 4th.
First, we are gathering at Betsy's home --4106 Westmount Dr./ G'boro 27410--
At 6:15 pm to caravan to Bobbie's led by our own Cindy McCall, who knows where Bobbie lives!!  (We'll also bring you back to Betsy's, if you wish, after the meeting!!
     Also please bring anything you want to help a bit with refreshments!! Snacks, sweets, soft drinks, or wine!! Bobbie will provide other drinks like coffee,water,etc. And Thanks So  Much for this kind gesture!!  Don't  Worry if you can't bring anything this time !!  There will be another time!! 😉
     Susanne has many things to share with about our Seuss Party this year---a Big Help is that we'll only have about 35 children at the party!!(1st thru 4th grades only!! ) The older kids will be at their Boys/ Girls Club next door!!  A Play Day for them--we will need refreshments for them, too!! Fruit drinks / Capri Suns, etc. and popcorn, etc. only . A Lot simpler!! yeah !!!
     Looking forward to seeing everyone at Bobbie's this Tuesday evening!!!  
     PPP Love to All,    Betsy

Friday, February 19, 2016

Upcoming Meeting on Tuesday, February 23rd!! And, Dr. Suess Party on March 4th!!

    "Dear Pi Phis,  Remember that we have a  club blog...the address is :      This is a great way to keep up and check out the club's calendar, activities, contact info, photos, etc.So...go online and Enjoy !!!

     Another item to remember is our next full club meeting...Tuesday, February 23rd at 7pm. The place is Bobbie West's home...8245 Ipswich Court / Summerfield, NC  27358. This is our Heritage is always interesting !!  As you see, Bobbie's in Summerfield, so we are going to offer a caravan to her home that evening ! If you want to do this, please meet at Betsy's home : 4106 Westmount Drive / G'boro, 6:15pmon the 23rd. Cindy (McCall ) will lead us to Bobbie's and afterwards will also return us to Betsy's.

      We hope that you'all all join us for this important meeting !!  (It will be our last one   before Dr. Seuss comes along !!)  Please do either call or e-mail Bobbie or myself (Betsy) to  RSVP for the meeting and sign up for refreshments  !!  We will need a good amount of goodies--just snacks and drinks!!  Bobbie will provide coffee, etc. Board members--please have another member "cover" for you, if you can't be with us at the meeting !!  (But we really want you there !!)  :)  :)

      Lastly, remember to circle March 4th, Friday on your calendars...our Dr. Seuss Party for the Boys and Girls Club at Salvation Army Worship Center--our usual spot !!  And this will be our 12th annual Party !!!  Yeah !!  Only about 30 -some children 1st through 4th grade will be coming !!  A lot Easier with these younger children !!  But we aren't neglecting the older ones--we''re taking them goodies, and they will be playing basketball, etc. in the gym at their Club--next door to the Worship Center.  Party Chairman Susanne (Blaya) sent out an e-mail on February 6th--please refer to this to sign up to help and to bring food items for the party !! Times are 2:30pm to set-up and bring food ...then 3:30pm the party begins !!  Please come and join us--
This event is a Highlight of our club year, for sure !!  It won't be Complete without You !!!!
PPP Love,  Betsy  

Monday, January 18, 2016

"Cool School Wear" Luncheon this Wednesday!! Please RSVP!!

Dear PPP Angels,

PLEASE RSVP if you have't already to Betsy for lunch this Wednesday, January 20th at Liberty Oak!!!  Our reservation is for 11:30am.  Right now, there are only four of us officially signed up! 

Here is your official "to-do" list for the "Cool School Wear" Luncheon this Wednesday:

1)  RSVP today (Email addres:

2)  Buy & bring underwear to the luncheon for the kids at the Center of Hope (The sizes we are collecting include elementary through high school).


Board Meeting Minutes - Jan 14, 2016

Piedmont Pi Phi Board met on January 14, 2016 at the home of Carol Carpenter.  Members present were Betsy Bullard, Carol Carpenter, Lara Heberle, Cindy McCall, Marguerite Suggs, and Joy McCoy.

The ritual was led by Carol.

Treasurer’s report:  Bree sent the following:
 National dues collected from 19 people (money paid to national)
 Local dues collected from 20 people ($100)
 Angel dues collected from 12 people ($141)
 Total deposited: $906.00.
 Checks written to National for dues totaling $665.

Total in our Bank Account $1307.51. (Starting Balance $215.51; Silpada Fundraiser $851; Dues

Financial Committee:  Carol, Betsy, Joy, and Bree will meet Tuesday January 26 at 11 am to discuss
amounts we will send to Headquarters and Hope Academy.  We will discuss amount for the Dr. Seuss
party and if we want to add our support to the mentally ill (Sanctuary House) and/or purchase gift items for the older children at the Salvation Army toy warehouse.

Membership:  Carol will ask Pam Finn to hostess a lunch in April on a Saturday in hopes our out of town members can attend.  (If Pam is unable to host the luncheon, Marguerite will ask Anne Smith).

The Bow & Arrow Ball will be at Betsy’s on Thursday, May 5th to celebrate Founders’ Day.

Communications:  Lara communicates through the blog, email, GROUPME, and Facebook.  She wants to be sure everyone is getting the information.

ACRIC:  Marguerite had no requests.  Cindy will contact Pi Beta Phi coordinator for Alumnae Clubs and schools to ask about establishing a Pi Beta Phi chapter at ECU.

Literacy:  Susanne Blaya will have a sign-up sheet for the Dr. Seuss party at our next meeting, February 23 at Bobbie West’s home.  The Dr. Seuss party will be held on Friday, March  4th.  Cindy will ask her daughter, Cami, if she and some of her friends would be interested in joining us for the party and be in charge of the games thus gaining service hours for their AP Academy. 
Board members can meet at Betsy’s at 6:15 to car pool to Bobbie’s house February 23rd.  Don’t forget refreshments are needed for this meeting.

Community Involvement:  Cindy will remind members we will be collecting underwear (Cool School
Wear) for the children at Center of Hope at our lunch at Liberty Oak on January 20th at 11:30. 
Cindy will also remind members by email to think about collecting gifts throughout the year at such
places as Five Below and Big Lots for the 10-13 age group at the Salvation Army toy warehouse.
Also a reminder to collect toiletries for the Sanctuary House.

Fundraising:  We made $851 at our Silpada Fundraiser.  Thank you Bobbie!

Monday, January 11, 2016

A Letter from our PPP President...

Greetings, PPP "Angels" !!!

           I hope everyone enjoyed a grand Christmas season--and Happy New Year!!!  Phew !!   How Fast this holiday seemed to come and go!!!  

         January 14th/ Thursday--PPP Board meeting at Carol Carpenter's home  ( 3307 Turfwood Drive / G'boro, NC /  zip 27410 .  7 pm.   Remember, if you can't attend , but have a report for the meeting, Please send your info by another PPP who is coming!!  Thanks !!    Also--remember refreshments...please "Reply All" to this e-mail and let us know what you're  bringing, if you will. Wine and snacks are great...Carol will provide coffee, etc.

          Wednesday, January 20th is our "Cool -School - Wear " Luncheon--11:30am at Liberty Oak Restaurant at the corner of Elm and Washington streets in downtown.  We're bringing underwear  for the Boys and Girls Clubs  as we have done for several years !!!  The B. & G Clubs so appreciate our help with this service project!!!  The kids, too!!

           Coming up the week-end right after this luncheon is Recruitment at Duke...January 22nd-24th !!!  Phew!!  The NC Betas haven't gotten back to me as yet with exactly how we can help them ! But, if we just attend the  (Rush) party, it will be lots of Fun--and will really take you back to college days !! We'll get up a car-full of PPP's  and make the trip...luckily Durham is only an hour away !! Come Join us!! 

       February looks to be a little less we have only our February 23rd Club meeting on the schedule as of now!!   The meeting will be  Tuesday, Feb. 23rd at 7 pm at the home of Bobbi West. Her address is:  8245 Ipswich Court / Summerfield, NC/  zip  27358.  Tel. is :c)  339-3868 .Please  don't be shy to ask to ride with another member--or call Bobbi for her help with directions.  We want All our PPP's to join us at Bobbi's to prepare for our Dr. Seuss party on March 4th !!!!  Sign-up sheets for the party will be at this meeting....we'll need everyone's help !! But it will be always !!!  Susanne (Blaya) will be our party Chairman--she'll be a great one!!!

       March 4th (as above) will be our Annual Dr. Seuss Party !!  We honor Dr. Seuss and his amazing, imaginative books. And we  encourage the children who attend the party to READ and open their world to all that books can offer !! They will each go home with a book of their own !!

       Wow !!  We're headed for Lots of Projects and Lots of Fun working together !!!!  Thanks for All you'all do to make Piedmont Pi Beta Phi Alum Club so Special !!!

                                                                        PPP Love and Mine,   Betsy"

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Silpada Fundraiser for Hope Academy: HUGE success

Hello Pi Phi Sisters!!
So excited to share with you that our Silpada Fundraiser for Hope Academy was a HUGE success again this year!! Our net profit from the party is $851.00 !!! I will have a check to present to our group at our next gathering! It was such a fun night together and I hope you all enjoy your beautiful new jewelry! Can’t wait to see you sparkle at our next meetings! Thank you for your support!
Sparkly Pi Phi Love to all!
Bobbie West

Spreading Christmas Cheer with The Salvation Army

Good morning sisters!!
It's that time of year again!! We have decided to buy for the older kids again this year.  That age group is 11-12 boys and girls.  I am forwarding the list that Carole sent to me.  Start picking up those items when you are out shopping!  You can drop them by my house anytime between now and the second week of December.  My address is 6405 Westwind Dr.
Let's make these kids have the best Christmas ever!!
Cindy McCall
Older Girls
Nail kits
Jewelry kits
Stereo Headphones
Digital Cameras
MP3 Players
Board Games

Older BoysRemote Control Cars
Board games
Stereo Headphones
Digital Cameras
MP3 Players