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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Cookie Shine - What FUN !

If you weren't here - we sure did miss you. We had a great time, socializing and talking about what cookie shines had been like at our different chapters.
Pi Phi Tradition Trivia -
What do you do at a cookie shine to get your 'wishes granted' ?
UPDATES below---
We also talked near future events,
The opportunity right now to help with the Salvation Army
Christmas gift project(if you have an interest in this,
please let Joy know!)
the fundraiser at Barnes and Noble Dec 5th
(see side bar to right),
and events occurring later in the future
the Beau and Arrow Ball, the Pantie Raid plans,
the Fraternity Day of Service and much much more.
Meeting at Amy Callaghan's this Thursday November 29th

708 Northern Shores Lane (Lake Jeanette area)

(if using Mapquest punch in Northern Shores Point and just stay on Northern Shores lane...

5th house on right after the estates)...

Cookie shine and meeting at 7:00

Christy Hardy is coming from the salvation army

Bring books, school supplies or toiletries for Center of Hope &

Bring any completed book thongs!!!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Join us for FUN at Barnes and Noble

Annual Giftwrapping and Thong Sale
at Barnes and Noble
December 5th (9A-9P)
We especially need girls to sign up for
11A-1P,1P-3P,3P-5P &7P-9P
Let Marguerite know when you would like to help.
This is our ONE fundraiser for the year.
We also need more book thongs made,
call Marguerite for a kit (or two)

News From Wake Forest !!

Hi Ladies!

Anne Mcknight gave me your email addresses and I thought I would send you a little email introducing myself (and so that you have my email address. My name is Kelly Stroud and I am the president of Wake Forest's chapter of Pi Beta Phi (NC Gamma). I am a junior here and an Elementary Education major, Women & Gender Studies minor. Unfortunately, I'm almost done with my term, but one of my good friends, Chelsea Barefoot, will be taking over as president. I will certainly make sure you all can contact her, come January. NC Gamma is an amazing group of women. We currently have 135 active sisters, but many of our juniors are studying abroad! In the spring, we will be going through formal recruitment and we expect our numbers to rise to ~ 170.
I really look forward to meeting you all and working closely with the Greensboro ladies! I'd love to hear back from you all!

Take care and Pi Phi love,

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

FIRST MEETING - Back to School Book Drive to Support Literacy

October 25th Thursday--Joy McCoy's home:
3525 Spicebush Trail--
Tel. 288-9572. 7:00 pm--
Back to School Book Drive for Center of Hope to Support Literacy
Literacy is Pi Beta Phi’s top priority!
This year, once again, our club will be supporting the children & families
at Salvation Army’s Center of Hope.
At our meeting on October 25, we will collect books for all ages,
school supplies (pencils, notebooks, etc.) and toiletries for the families at the Center of Hope.

We will learn more about Pi Phi’s partnership with First Book, an international nonprofit organization founded in 1992 with the mission of giving children from low-income families the opportunity to read and own their first new books. The critical factor of whether or not a child becomes a reader is access to books in the home.

Did you know?
30,000,000 adults & millions more children in this country are illiterate
40% of 4th graders in this country lack basic proficiency in reading
School drop-outs earn less than 1/3 the earnings of a college graduate
Health costs for those lacking high school degree are four times higher
¼ of those dropping out of school receive government assistance
80% of prisoners did not finish high school
Illiterate women are likely to be in an abusive relationship
Together we can make a difference. Kyle Zimmer with First Book comments,
"If we change one child at a time…we can change this country forever.”

Goals for this year:
We hope to have a “panty raid” for the children at the Center of Hope.
On March 2, our National Service Day

We plan to have a birthday party for Dr. Seuss at the Center of Hope.
"So keep your eyes open, at least on one side"

Directions To Joy'sTake Westridge Rd. near its intersection with Bryan Blvd. Turn on Smoketree Drive & then take the 1st left--Spicebush Trail..Joy's is# 3525

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Ring Ching Ching

Words from your past?
Friendships of the future
The Piedmont Alumnae Club of Pi Beth Phi would like to extend an invitation to you to join us for a fun filled year of programs, food and friendship. Beginning with our first meeting on October 25th, we have made plans for the coming year which can only be more fun if you are there to share them with us. The club is an active one made up of Pi Phis of all ages, Many interests and much to share. Make plans on your calendar to attend the first meeting of the year—You’ll not want to miss another one!