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Friday, February 19, 2016

Upcoming Meeting on Tuesday, February 23rd!! And, Dr. Suess Party on March 4th!!

    "Dear Pi Phis,  Remember that we have a  club blog...the address is :      This is a great way to keep up and check out the club's calendar, activities, contact info, photos, etc.So...go online and Enjoy !!!

     Another item to remember is our next full club meeting...Tuesday, February 23rd at 7pm. The place is Bobbie West's home...8245 Ipswich Court / Summerfield, NC  27358. This is our Heritage is always interesting !!  As you see, Bobbie's in Summerfield, so we are going to offer a caravan to her home that evening ! If you want to do this, please meet at Betsy's home : 4106 Westmount Drive / G'boro, 6:15pmon the 23rd. Cindy (McCall ) will lead us to Bobbie's and afterwards will also return us to Betsy's.

      We hope that you'all all join us for this important meeting !!  (It will be our last one   before Dr. Seuss comes along !!)  Please do either call or e-mail Bobbie or myself (Betsy) to  RSVP for the meeting and sign up for refreshments  !!  We will need a good amount of goodies--just snacks and drinks!!  Bobbie will provide coffee, etc. Board members--please have another member "cover" for you, if you can't be with us at the meeting !!  (But we really want you there !!)  :)  :)

      Lastly, remember to circle March 4th, Friday on your calendars...our Dr. Seuss Party for the Boys and Girls Club at Salvation Army Worship Center--our usual spot !!  And this will be our 12th annual Party !!!  Yeah !!  Only about 30 -some children 1st through 4th grade will be coming !!  A lot Easier with these younger children !!  But we aren't neglecting the older ones--we''re taking them goodies, and they will be playing basketball, etc. in the gym at their Club--next door to the Worship Center.  Party Chairman Susanne (Blaya) sent out an e-mail on February 6th--please refer to this to sign up to help and to bring food items for the party !! Times are 2:30pm to set-up and bring food ...then 3:30pm the party begins !!  Please come and join us--
This event is a Highlight of our club year, for sure !!  It won't be Complete without You !!!!
PPP Love,  Betsy  

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