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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A message from our club president...

Hi To All You Wonderful Sisters,
Leaves are beginning to turn, football seasons are in full swing, and it's time for Piedmont Pi Phi to begin a new year. Our Fall Welcome Meeting will be October 6, 7:00 Betsy Bullard's home, 4106 Westmount Dr. It will be so good to be together again and we especially want to welcome our new members, Bree, Colleen, Holly, Monique and Rachael. We will begin with lots of goodies so have a light dinner. Our activities for the coming year will be presented and as is customary, we will bring toilitries for Sanctuary House (small size, a good use for hotel items) I will be glad to give directions to anyone who needs them. Please let me hear when you can. I'm hoping all will be able to come
Pi Phi Love,


Anne Smith said...

Good job Lara.

Lara said...

Thanks, Anne! =)

BTW, I just corrected the address... The meeting is at 4106 Westmount Dr!!