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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thanks to everyone who donated school supplies!  We had enough school supplies to fill a grocery shopping cart!!! Jackie Lucas at Center of Hope was very appreciative.  Items donated were: 28 packs of Loose Leaf Notebook paper, 6 2" 3 Ring Binders, 12 Pencil Pouches, 12 packs of Write on Dividers, 12 packs of Colored Pencils, 28  Glue Sticks, several packages of erasers, a box of Pencil sharpeners, 28 boxes of Colored Markers, 14 pairs of scissors, several packages of red, black and blue pens, 28 spiral 1 subject notebooks, 14 boxes of crayons, 14 packs of Index Cards and 5 boxes of Ziplock Bags.  Additionally, we also were able to drop off a Back to School bag of goodies to Hope Academy!  Thanks to RAE LYNN for collecting and bringing our goodies to the Center of Hope!  Way to go PIEDMONT PI PHIS!

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